About Nick

Short Bio

Nick Gorbikoff is a Ruby & React DevOps engineer and hands-on CTO working on ERP Systems in automotive industry.

Nick’s passion for programming began when as kid he tried to “hack” games to see if he could increase the amount of gold and lumber. He started with QBasic and C++, moved onto PHP and Java at DePaul University, upgraded to Perl and Python after college, and finally graduated to using Ruby on Rails around 2007. He fell head over heels for Ruby and never looked back.

In his spare time, Nick is a fearless follower of 2 kids and an awesome wife, collector of useless historical trivia, tinkerer of sorts, fast food connoisseur and aspiring martial artist.


I mostly write about bits of code, history and life. My musings can be found on Quora, StackOverflow, Medium or LinkedIn. Mostly I just write here on WordPress for posterity, and then publish to the relevant platform.


Most of the code I write is propriatery, but some of what I can share lives on my Github account

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